Friday, August 15, 2008

Time out

I haven't been around much lately as I imagine is obvious to anyone who can read a date on a post which I assume is all of you. The thing is, there's been some serious personal stuff going down recently and I simply haven't had either the time or the inclination to vent scream analyze or otherwise pontificate.

Part of the deal is that we're moving. Again. There's good and bad about this, the good being that the new place is both bigger and cleaner than this apartment and it's a short move, just to the next town rather than a thousand miles like some of the last moves have been.

The downside is moving. We don't really want to move, we like where we are, it's convenient to both work places, it's on a quiet street in walking distance of downtown and the harbor. But for some reason our landlord has suddenly gone truly weirdly ballistic over our pets (of which he knew when we moved in), claiming the Health Department will condemn the property because of things like a cat litter box in the corner of the kitchen by the basement door.

Given the choice between the place and the pets, we choose the pets.

And so we have to move again. Which has meant finding a place and coming up with the requisite cash and all in short order. That's now been accomplished - we hope and assuming no last-minute snags - but then comes the actual process of moving.

We hope this will be the last one but we hoped the most recent one would be the last one, too. For me, I decided I did not want to move again when I realized I had spent each of the previous five Christmases in a different place.

But as it falls out, after less than three years, here we go again.

So I'm neither gone nor sick nor giving up which I do from time to time but never completely so I wind up trying again, but I am somewhat occupied for the moment.

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