Monday, February 08, 2010

People are still talkin'

Via TPM, I learned of a bipartisan poll that asked, among other things, about the Citizens United decision. This was the exact question, with the four possible answers being strongly or somewhat support and strongly or somewhat oppose.
Before the decision, the law barred corporations and unions from spending money to support or oppose candidates. The Supreme Court overturned this previous law and ruled that corporations and unions have the right to spend money to support or oppose specific candidates. Now, after learning a little bit more about this, do you favor or oppose this decision?
Only 11% strongly supported it while 47% strongly opposed it. Add in the somewhats and people opposed the decision by a better than 2-1 margin, 64-27.
The opposition was found across party lines[,TPM said], and according to the pollsters was especially common among independents....
So much for Glenn Greenwald's contention that the public "overwhelmingly agrees with the Court's ruling."

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