Sunday, November 30, 2003

We knew it all the time

The New York Times' review of "The Reagans," the made-for-TV movie that sent the rabid right into such paroxysms of fury because, they'd heard, the portrayal of RR was something less than fawningly adulatory and which CBS then sent packing off to Showtime, describes it as
a movie. More precisely, it is a made-for-television movie that squeezes real life characters and historical moments into a convenient dramatic arc: a love story lived out against a backdrop of the cold war, California politics and Washington intrigue. "The Reagans" is reasonably accurate, at times engrossing, at other times silly and sometimes even dull. It is not a thoughtful look at a critical moment in American history. It is a domestic drama about a loving couple beset by Hollywood agents, Republican backers, scheming advisers and, most of all, their angry, needy children.
Which means that what CBS claimed was a "moral decision" to pull the show was in fact an act of cowardice, a spineless cave-in to the screeching carrion-eaters. (I say this like it's a surprise....)

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