Monday, December 29, 2003

In the name of freedom

This story from the December 18 New York Times is now archived so I'm including the full abstract here.
Saddam Hussein is now prisoner No 1. in what has become global detention system run by Pentagon and CIA and consisting of large and small facilities that handle hundreds of suspected terrorists of Al Qaeda, Taliban and former Iraqi regime; many of prisoners are held at Guantanamo naval base but most important captives are kept away from sight; Hussein's new address is closely guarded secret but he is still in Iraq, probably at Baghdad airport facility with other top regime figures; CIA holds top Qaeda captives in small groups in friendly third-world countries where they face long interrogations in isolation, with guards sometimes dressed to suggest they belong to Arab security services feared for use of torture.
Other reports have suggested the dress isn't always out of place, as I noted previously.

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