Saturday, December 27, 2003

Watch out!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and measured by deaths per 100,000 workers per year, the ten most dangerous jobs in the US are, in order (with the most dangerous first)

- Timber cutters
- Fishers
- Pilots and navigators
- Structural metal workers
- Driver-sales workers (e.g., pizza-deliverers, vending machine fillers, etc.)
- Roofers
- Electrical power installers
- Farm occupations
- Construction laborers
- Truck drivers

The death rate among timber cutters is about 117/100,000; for truck drivers, a little over 25/100,000. The national average is about 4/100,000.

What I found interesting is that the occupations we usually think of first when we are asked about dangerous jobs, ones like police work, fire fighters, security guards, and so on, aren't among the list. (Although I will say that I would have had commercial fishing near the top.) Bear that in mind the next time someone lays on you the line about police "risking their lives every day."

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