Sunday, January 25, 2004

This is important, update

Yesterday, I wrote that Jane's Intelligence Digest was reporting that the US may try to provoke a military confrontation with Syria and I suggested that "again the groundwork of 'threat' is being laid to justify further escalations." It's in that light that I read this from a CNN article for January 25:
Kay also raised the possibility - one he first discussed in a weekend interview with "The Sunday Telegraph" of London - that clues about banned weapons programs might reside across Iraq's western border.

"There is ample evidence of movement to Syria before the war - satellite photographs, reports on the ground of a constant stream of trucks, cars, rail traffic across the border. We simply don't know what was moved," Kay said.

But, he said, "the Syrian government there has shown absolutely no interest in helping us resolve this issue."
That is, we're being told, there are intelligence reports of suspicious activities possibly related to WMDs involving an uncooperative, unfriendly government.

Sound at all familiar?

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