Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The following post is brought to you courtesy of NAFTA

As reported by CNN on Sunday:
Santa Ana, California - More than 100 brands of candy sold in California, most of them from Mexico, have tested positive for dangerous levels of lead in the past decade and little has been done about it, a newspaper reported.

In nearly every case, the candy - mostly marketed to Latino kids - stayed on store shelves and no action was taken against the Mexican manufacturers, the Orange County Register reported in Sunday's editions, citing state and federal records.

The public was rarely informed of test results, the newspaper found. ...

State officials said they lack the resources to tackle the problem and have little jurisdiction over Mexican candy manufacturers.
Mexican government officials said they were unaware of the presence of the lead until the newspaper brought it to their attention. Note that under NAFTA it is difficult to enforce US standards on imported products so long as those products meet the standards of the country of origin. Trying to do so runs the risk of having the attempt be labeled a "non-tariff trade barrier."

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