Monday, May 17, 2004


It's Monday, May 17, 2004. It should always be an occasion for celebration when human rights are expanded.

And the cause for celebration has grown. According to the Christian Science Monitor for May 17,
New York's attorney general has said his state - which has no defense of marriage act (DOMA) prohibiting gay unions - will recognize the Massachusetts licenses.
In addition, the AGs of Connecticut and Rhode Island will decide Monday how to treat the licenses. Perhaps they, too, will recognize them.

Meanwhile, Governor Witless Rommel's demand that country clerks enforce a 1913 law intended to limit interracial marriages as a means of preventing out-of-state same sex couples from getting marriage licenses in Massachusetts is meeting with resistance, in some cases openly so.
Some town and city clerks have said they won't follow Romney's request that they ask for documentation. At least three others have said they won't even require applicants to answer the question regarding residency.
Nice to see that there are still those somewhere in government, even if it is at a county clerk level, who realize that it's justice that trumps law, not the other way around.

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