Monday, August 23, 2004

For the greater advancement of democracy

Tired of hearing about the Demopublicans? Tired of hearing John Kerry and Shrub argue about who's more macho about Iraq? Curious about who else is out there or even just about what moves people, whether fringe or centrist, to run for president?

Project Vote Smart has a list of all the presidential candidates, even those on the ballot in only one state, with - where it has it - some background.

They also have a list of Congressional candidates and another of state-level candidates.

The Congressional list has a big oops: It omits New York. And there is something about the state list which I find dumb: When you first go there and select "State Officials" under "Candidates for Election," you'll be presented with a list of states from which to choose. If you then click on "State Officials" again, expecting to be taken back to the same list for a different selection, you'll get a surprise: It goes directly to the same state you've already chosen. If you want to pick a different state, you have to use the drop down list labeled "Don't Know Your 9-Digit ZIP?" under "Find Your Representative." I think that's dippy, but it's how they do it.

C-SPAN has its own state-by-state list of candidates for federal, state, and local offices here.

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