Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Unintentional humor, part two

In a November 20 report on the situation in Iraq, the BBC said that
US forces in Falluja continue to fight what commanders say are the last pockets of insurgent fighters hiding in the south of the city.

Artillery, tank shells and bombs fell on the area for much of the night and the boom of artillery fire continued into Saturday morning.

The marine commander says these are the final bands of fighters in Falluja but they are proving difficult to dislodge. ...

Many homes in the Martyrs' neighbourhood have been reduced to rubble.

This tactic may be part of the insurgents plan to sway public opinion against the American forces, says the BBC's Jennifer Glasse who is embedded with US marines there.
Must be. Fighting to the death, having your homes reduced to rubble, yeah, all part of a big PR campaign to reverse the enormous levels of popularity American forces now enjoy in Iraq.

Footnote, Now They Said It, Now They Didn't Div.: From the same article:

- Thursday, November 18: The top marine commander in Iraq, Lt. Gen. John Sattler, says the Fallujah attack has "broken the back of the insurgency."
- Saturday, November 20: Lt. Gen. Lance Smith, deputy head of US Central Command in Iraq, says it's "too early to say" if the resistance has been broken.

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