Sunday, December 19, 2004

Footnote to the preceding

Speaking of the Iraqi elections, ask yourself if this tidbit has appeared in any US media you can name. It's from Azzaman, an Arabic daily based in London via the December 15 edition of the Iraqi Press Monitor of the Institute for War & Peace Reporting .
The Supreme Legation of Elections has threatened to sue media outlets if they violate the rules of covering the forthcoming elections but did not give details concerning the nature and extent of violations. The threat resulted in a wave of surprise and displeasure among Iraqi journalists due to the lack of any honest party that would have the right to diagnose violations.
Get that? It basically means that the Allawi government is threatening action against any media that "violates the rules" - without making clear what the rules are or having any independent body to examine the charges.

I just saw Karl Rove's eyes light up.

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