Saturday, February 05, 2005

Memory lane

There is a difference between being firm in your convictions and just being dumb-ass pig-headed. To illustrate, consider this passage, brilliantly spied by someone at Buzzflash or one of their readers.
According to Gary Ott, who was then a reporter for the Plainview [Texas] Daily Herald, Bush stopped by the paper's little office "maybe five or six times. He'd sit down at my desk; he was a fun guy. He was very outgoing, very friendly, and we would argue politics since I was a liberal." ... Bush criticized energy policy, federal land use policy, subsidized housing, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration ("a misuse of power," he said), and he warned that Social Security would go bust in ten years unless people were given a chance to invest the money themselves. [emphasis added]
The source is the Texas Observer for June 25, 1999, talking about then-candidate for the GOPper presidential nomination, George Dubya Bush. The incidents described took place during Shrub's first run for Congress - in 1978.

So far, Social Security going "bust" is 17 years overdue by his calendar. But it's just around the corner! Really, really, this time! It is!


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