Friday, February 11, 2005

Theuh - theuh - theuh - that's all, folks!

It's no use. Tonight is another lost cause. I've been sick for three days now with no end in sight. At least I don't have to work these next two days. But for now I'm not even going to try to post anything beyond one geek post and Jeopardy!

I do want to mention, thought, that I had a very pleasant surprise the other day: I was looking through the nominees for "Best Post" in the Koufax Awards run by the folks at Wampum, thinking that I wouldn't even cast a vote because there were just too many nominees to go through and there was simply no way I could make an intelligent choice - when what to my wondering eyes should appear but my own name!

Someone, I don't know who but I have a pretty good idea, nominated this post, written for the first anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, for Best Post! I'm genuinely flattered. I didn't win, of course, I think I only got one vote (my own), but the fact that someone took it on themselves to nominate me made me smile. Thank you.

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