Monday, May 23, 2005

Footnote to "good news and bad news" ...

...relating to the "now that we're there" crowd, who think that ethnic conflicts in Iraq will disappear if we just shed a little more blood a little longer.
New Delhi, India (CNN, May 22) - Two movie theaters in New Delhi were struck by explosions Sunday evening, leaving at least 45 people wounded, police said. ...

Both theaters were showing a controversial film that some around the country have called offensive to Sikhs, a minority in India.

Police did not immediately call the explosions the result of attacks, and the exact cause was not known.
Perhaps, but I think we can make a pretty good guess unless you want to posit one flaming hell of a coincidence.

Oh, one other note, a memo to Americans, including the US left: It ain't always about us. Okay?

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