Saturday, March 17, 2007

Footnote to the preceding, on another topic

If you try to find the UFPJ site by, reasonably enough, typing in, in what I think is a scummy little trick you get redirected to the home page of the Democratic Party under the site title "Ain't No Power Like the Power Of the Party - United for Peas and Justice."

Are they really that desperate for traffic?

Footnote to the footnote: Whether they are or not, maybe they deserve to be.

Under the heading "The Rudy You Don't Know," Rudy Giuliani is quoted as saying the goal is to "eliminate our reliance on oil from sources that are enemies of the United States" and then gets slammed for the fact that his law firm had Citgo, which is owned by Venezuela, as a client.

The net meaning is that it's the position of the Democratic National Committee that Hugo Chavez is an "enemy of the United States." Not a critic (or even an "enemy") of George Bush, but of the United States.

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