Saturday, March 31, 2007

It takes two to tango

I'm really OD'ing on the cliches today, aren't I? Anyway, commenting on the Arab League's reaffirmation of the 2002 peace proposal,
Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa urged Israel to accept the initiative without demanding amendments as a condition for talks.

"Israel only wants normalization. It does not want withdrawal or talks over Jerusalem or other issues." He said, "It is clear that the Arab stand on this matter is that nothing is free of charge. If they want normalization, we need to see what they will provide in return," he said.
Now, that could be read either of two ways: Either as "Israel, tell us what you're going to offer," that is, a call for a counter-proposal, or as "Take it or leave it." According to the New York Times,
Israeli officials say some Arab leaders acknowledge that their peace proposal can only be the basis for negotiation, and that a final peace will involve some flexibility on boundaries and refugees.
Which means, if it means anything, that Israeli officials know this is not a take it or leave it deal. We'll see if they treat it like one, which would only confirm my assertion about their desire for peace.

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