Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Quick footnote

Just yesterday, I noted that some people have suggested that Bush's threat to veto an Iraqi supplemental bill that includes any restrictions is just a pose.
Perhaps[, I said]. But I'm of the mind that he'll veto it because, well because that's the way he is. (How's that for hard-nosed analysis?) He wants anything and everything all his own way and I think that at this point he and the fanatics who surround him still believe it'll work out their way if they just tough it out.
It seems my analysis was more hard-nosed that I gave myself credit for. As Greg Sargent noted earlier today at TPMCafe,
[i]n his remarks this morning, President Bush actually seemed to suggest that when it comes to the current standoff between the White House and Congress over Dem efforts to mandate a pullout from Iraq in the war spending bill, public opinion is on his side - in defiance of all polls showing the contrary.
Sargent concluded that Bush is "delusional." Which also lends credence to the idea that I'm not. On this, anyway.

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