Friday, April 13, 2007

Credit where credit is due

Rahm Emanuel, of all people, he of the oh-so-carefully selected Democratic candidates last fall (most of who lost),
is urging his House Dem colleagues in a memo not to back down in the face of White House pressure over Iraq and instead to continue to marginalize President Bush by pointing out that he's weaker than ever and way out of step with public opinion.
Election Central at TPMCafe got hold of the full text. Dated April 11, the memo notes that
[a] Time Magazine poll released a little more than a week ago found that, when given a choice, 68% of Americans endorsed a proposal to withdraw combat troops compared to 28% who favored maintaining troops in Iraq “as long as needed until the Iraqis can handle the situation themselves.” This is a clear comparison between our plan, which the American people overwhelmingly support, and the President’s plan.
It still takes something of a stretch to say the Dummycrat's plan is to withdraw, period, especially since this comes just one day after the Reid/Pelosi statement that talked about withdrawal in virtually the same breath as "fully funding" a war with a "strategy for success," but it's still better than the capitulation Carl Levin was advocating. So, like I said, credit where it's due to Rahm Emanuel.

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