Saturday, August 04, 2007

Passing thought

Here's something that I think indicates the kind of farcical, all-hail-the-Democrats thinking that passes for a "movement" these days which I complained about the other day:

On Wednesday, Avedon Carol, who sometimes posts at Eschaton under the nom de screen "Not Atrios," had this to say:
Lambert wants to ask the Democratic candidates, "What is the Democrats' plan to restore Constitutional Government?"

Hm. Maybe we should ask our reps, too.
She provided links to the House and Senate webpages with contact information. Sometime later, she added this:
Update: Look, I'm not saying we should bash the Dems. I'm saying it's a real issue and no one else is going to ask them, so we have to. ...

It's a question about one of the important issues of the day, and they should be able to answer it.
That is, she felt she had to justify asking Democrats questions other than softball ones that they want to be asked! In comments, the original question was called "the anti-Dems thing," "anti-Democratic," and an "attack." Just really discouraging.

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