Saturday, September 01, 2007

Here's another rib-tickler

Stupid is as stupid does, so the movie said. And this certainly qualifies. The only question is if the stupidity was because they didn't know what they were doing - or because they did. Once again, the source is the BBC:
The US military has admitted to what it called a "regrettable incident" after it arrested a group of eight Iranians in Baghdad.

The Iranians were held at a checkpoint and detained overnight. They were freed after the Iraqi government intervened. ...

The Iranians were detained after they had been stopped in the company of seven Iraqis carrying unauthorised weapons on Tuesday night, the US military said.
One rifle and two pistols were confiscated. (From among fifteen men? In Iraq, they were practically unarmed.) The US searched the Iranians' rooms, "seizing a computer, mobile phones and a briefcase full of money." They were then handcuffed, blindfolded, and taken for questioning.
It later emerged that the men were energy experts and were in the Iraqi capital to help rebuild the local electricity system. Two of them were found to have diplomatic credentials.
Yeah, oopsie.

The military insisted that this had nothing to do with Shrub's get-tough-with-Iran speech the day before. Whether or not that statement is true - and I expect that even if it is, the Iranians can be excused for doubting it - only determines which kind of stupidity was operating here.

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