Friday, September 07, 2007

The Martian Chronigeeks

A sigh of relief from NASA, as covered by AP a few days ago.
They're old and dirty, but NASA's Mars rovers are back in the exploration business after enduring a lengthy Red Planet dust bowl that blocked most of the sunlight they need for power.

With skies gradually brightening, the solar-powered rovers Spirit and Opportunity recently resumed driving and other operations that had been suspended during the dust storm.
Spirit and Opportunity are now in day 1,307 and day 1,287, respectively, of their original 90-day missions.

Footnote: Properly, that should be "sols," or Martian days, which are 39 minutes longer than Earth days. So the original mission, 90 sols, was about 921/2 days. Spirit has been going for about 1,3421/2 days and Opportunity, 1,322 days. In case you cared.

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