Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A personal note

I have for a while now been almost literally out of it - struggling to focus, to keep up with day-to-day matters that despite everything seem still to remain uncompleted, able to guarantee only that the necessities, the requirements, will be met - and both my blogging and my attention to the news from which it is drawn have suffered. There's really no point in apologizing for that, although I do, and sincerely, because it is by no means the first such period I have gone through, nor, I have no reason to doubt, will it be the last.

The real point of this brief note is to thank those, what, 10 of you? who have been regular enough readers of this thing to keep coming back despite my meager output of the last week or more - what has it been, three posts in nearly 10 days?

I can't swear I'm back full force and I can swear that this will not be the last time I'll seem to almost disappear for days at a time. But keep faith with me and I will do my very best to return the compliment.

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