Saturday, September 29, 2007

September 20

Again to Indiana and the Indianapolis Star, which wrote that
[s]tudents attending last Friday’s Carmel High School football game received an alcohol breath test before they entered the game.

Students have been Breathalyzed at proms and homecoming dances for the last three years, but it was the first time for a football game, said Superintendent Barbara Underwood. ...

“That (Friday’s game) was the trial period to see if logistically we could do it,” [Amy Skeens-Benton, dean of students and activities,] said. “It worked out just fine. It was a lot easier than we thought.”
As a result, school and district administrators are considering requiring such tests for all student attendees at every football game from now on. Not because it proved to be necessary, but because it proved to be easy. Again, being tested, being checked, being searched, being told by officialdom "we're watching you," is being made a normal part of life, something to be accepted without question.
No student has ever tested positive at any school event, including dances, Skeens-Benton said.
Which, bizarrely, does not give rise to the notion that maybe such testing is unnecessary but rather to the idea that it should be done even more. What a wonderful example of the bureaucratic, power-wielding mindset.

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