Monday, September 10, 2007

What's Dunne is done

In July, I presented the Dipwad of the Year Award to one Stephen Dunne of Boston, Massachusetts, who sued the state Board of Bar Examiners and the state's Supreme Judicial Court for $9.75 million because, he said, he failed his bar exam because he refused to answer a question about property rights in a divorce case. Y'see, the people in the scenario were "Mary" and "Jane" and
[t]hat, Dunne says, made the question "morally repugnant and patently offensive" and showed that the Massachusetts state government is "purposely-advancing Secular Humanism's homosexual agenda." (Reminder in case anyone has forgotten: Same-sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts.)
Well, now comes the news via Americablog that Dunne wants to decline the award: On Saturday, the Boston Herald said that Dunne has informed federal court that he wishes to withdraw his suit.

His excuse was that the version of the bar exam presented this year did not include the question that got his bigotry gland inflamed, a "corrective action" he claimed as a victory. The fact that the Board makes it a practice to not repeat questions in successive years, of course, had nothing to do with the question's absence. Of course.

Sorry, Mr. Dunne. Even if the Dipwad Award could be returned, the lame excuse you came up with for being such a loser would just get it re-awarded.

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