Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Uh-huh. Right.

Infoworld reported early in December that
[e]xecutives from 12 large companies, including The Coca-Cola Co., Wells Fargo & Co., Kaiser Permanente, General Motors, and Dell, have jointly formed a Blog Council aimed at promoting corporate blogging best practices....
This "Blog Council," the first meeting of which is planned for January 22, was described as a forum for executives to meet in private to share tactics and develop standards for corporate blogging. According to Blog Council CEO Andy Sernovitz (yes, the council of CEOs has its own CEO),
"[i]ndividual and small-business bloggers don't face the same issues [as large companies].... For example, we still need to deliver a responsible and effective corporate message, but we need to do it in the complicated environment of the blogosphere."
In other words, it's a cabal of CEOs (I like that - it should be the name for a group of CEOs: a cabal. Like a pride of lions or an exultation of larks. A cabal of CEOs.) meeting in secret, naturally, to share ideas and notes about how best to use the internet for corporate propaganda. And did you notice how in "delivering the message" they claim to have extra burdens, because apparently unlike "individual and small-business bloggers," these CEOs have to be "responsible?"

Other founding members include AccuQuote, Cisco Systems, Gemstar-TV Guide International, Nokia, and SAP.

Honorable folks, all. Indeed.

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