Sunday, February 17, 2008

Something I won't miss

March 19 is the fifth anniversary of a criminal war, an invasion and occupation of a foreign nation based on lies and driven by power-lust and greed that has generated only chaos, death, civil war, ethnic cleansing, a capital city drowning in sewage, thirsty for water and largely powerless (thanks to Juan Cole for that link), and a country with its worst cholera outbreak in 40 years.

So a call has been issued for a blogswarm to take place on March 19. You can add your blog to the list - as of now, there are 77 participating blogs - and see suggested ways to take part right here.

Note well that this is not intended to be instead of anything else you will do on that day, but in addition to it. Commit yourself to march, to speak, to petition, to write and phone, to sit in at the office of one of your Congressional representatives, to sit down in front of a recruiting office, to make the decision to refuse war taxes, to whatever - but also to blog about the war on March 19.

Footnote: If you care to check them out, my posts on the first, the second, and the fourth anniversary of the invasion are at the respective links. Lotus was on hiatus for all of 2006 and I was blogging very infrequently at another site during that time, so there is no third anniversary post.

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