Sunday, March 09, 2008

Don't forget

The total number of blogs committed to the March 19 blogswarm on Iraq is up to 190.

With the claims about the success of the escalation - excuse me, "surge" - proving to be the myths we have suspected all along, an escalation that after the "drawdown" will leave 8,000 more US troops in Iraq than there were a year and a-half earlier, an escalation undertaken to secure a city, Baghdad, which just saw its deadliest attack in nine months, it continues to become clearer by the day:

Five years is five years too many.

As always, this is not to be instead of anything else you do that day, but in addition to it.

Footnote: I will also include with each reminder links to my posts on the first, the second, and the fourth anniversary of the invasion in case you want to check them out. Lotus was on hiatus for all of 2006 and I was blogging very infrequently at another site during that time, so there is no third anniversary post.

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