Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is it too soon?

Nah, it's not. No way.

I told you so. All of you who thought Barack Obama was the second coming. All of you who found ways to excuse every twist, dodge, and rightwing-pandering as either unimportant or part of some brilliant strategy. All of you who carped "Hey, why don't you wait until he actually does something, y'know?"

I told you so. Not just me, of course, there were others. We told you so. I told you so. Specifically on this:

The day after the election I wrote of Barack Obama that
those who insist that on matters such as FISA he will be different as president than he was as a senator are just kidding themselves. In fact, I suspect that the reason he flip-flopped on FISA is that he started contemplating having those powers himself.
What's happened in the interim? I'll let Glenn Greenwald lay it out:
Thus far, in the realm of the Constitution and civil liberties, the primary attribute of the Obama administration is to do everything in its power to protect and preserve the President's ability to assert the radical powers invented and seized by the Bush administration, independent of whether they actually intend to use those powers at some point.
In other words, I told you so, which I'll now demonstrate with some specifics.

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