Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I can think of nothing else to say

Updated - I don't believe in curses, but if I did, I would think the nation of Haiti is cursed. How much poverty and hunger, and how many natural disasters, is one nation, are one people, supposed to experience?

- This is one of the very few good reasons, perhaps the only good reason, for a military: having on tap a significant number of people organized and trained in moving large amounts of materiel and setting things up on the fly. (For example, I understand that the cockpit of an Air Force transport jet on the ground at the airport in Port-au-Prince is now acting as a flight control tower.)

- Pat Robertson is a senile, paranoid bigot and Rush Limbaugh is a disgusting skin-bag stuffed with maggots.

- For those who can offer assistance, my first pick for a donation would be Doctors Without Borders, but a list of some other worthies is here.

Updated to say that this is a link to some before-and-after photos showing the extent of the damage.

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