Monday, February 08, 2010

Two very quick thoughts

1. Like Avedon Carol, from who I learned of it, I want one of these T-shirts. Unhappily, I'd need two - one for me, one for the love - and that's actually a pretty big investment right now. But maybe a few weeks of careful budgeting....

2. I am flaming sick to death of the word "forward!" You can't hear a single damn political discussion - and read few enough of them - without hearing "move the process forward" or "as we go forward" or "looking/moving/going/something-else-ing forward," often enough all of them and more.

I'd like to see someone running one of those TV pundit roundtables start off by saying that anyone who used the word "forward" except to describe actual physical motion would have their mike turned off just to see how long it would take for silence to fall over the set.


TGirsch said...

Moving an issue "forward" is no different from having "less than 15 items."


LarryE said...

I didn't say it was grammatically right or wrong, I just said I'm sick of hearing it. I mean, for pity's sake, people could at least occasionally say "as things develop" or "looking to the future" or something other than "forward!"

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