Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And a bit more on Arizona

First, I want to make the important observation that racial profiling is already happening in Arizona, even before the law goes into effect. It's just being done by the feds, not the staties. This is from KTVK-TV of Phoenix:
A Valley man says he was pulled over Wednesday morning and questioned when he arrived at a weigh station for his commercial vehicle along Val Vista and the 202 freeway [outside Phoenix].
The questioning was done by agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, appropriately acronymed ICE. He provided them his commercial driver's license and a social security number, but that wasn't good enough for the federales: He was arrested and handcuffed.

An agent called his wife, who had to leave work to go home and bring additional documents, including his birth certificate, to the ICE office before they would release him.

The two are both natural born US citizens and yes, you guessed it, they are Hispanic.
A representative at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ... said this was standard operating procedure.

The agents needed to verify Abdon[, the man arrested,] was in the country legally and it is not uncommon to ask for someone's birth certificate. She also said this has nothing to do with the proposed bill or racial profiling.
Of course it doesn't! I'm sure you question all the white drivers who pull into the weigh station and arrest any one of them who isn't carrying a birth certificate. Nothing racial at all involved.

The second thing here is to note that the prospect of a boycott of Arizona is firming up. For example,
[j]ust minutes after Brewer signed 1070 into law on Friday, the American Immigration Lawyers' Association canceled their annual fall convention. They had planned to host the September event in Scottsdale.

"We can't in good conscious [sic] spend the organization's money in a state that's going to pursue these kinds of policies," said Regina Jeffries of the AILA.
What's more,
San Francisco city officials are calling for a boycott of Arizona and businesses based there to protest the state's strict new immigration law.

The city attorney, Dennis Herrera, offered Monday to help with any challenges to the law. He says his teams will start determining which contracts between Arizona and the city and county of San Francisco and Arizona could be severed without penalty. ...

Several city supervisors are promising to introduce a resolution urging a citywide boycott of Arizona.
My wife and I were hoping to be able to afford one last big trip this fall. I had planned on surprising her by making arrangements to go to the Grand Canyon, where she has never been and really wants to go. But that's off, obviously. I can't stomach spending any money in Arizona and if I did make those plans, she'd smack me upside the head.

It really is too bad. Physically, Arizona is a beautiful state. Psychically, not so much.

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