Sunday, April 25, 2010

Footnote to both of the preceding

If only to confirm what we all knew and what I said: Racism is not dead.
According to a lawsuit filed by hotel waiter Wadner Tranchant, 40, the Ritz-Carlton [hotel in Naples, Florida,] honored a British family's request not to be served by "people of color" or with "foreign accents." ...

And the lawsuit claims that this wasn't the first discriminatory demand made by a guest, and honored by the hotel. "Other employees of defendant Ritz also encountered similar treatment on multiple occasions," the complaint reads.
Under the heading of "Unintentional Humor" comes the official comments of the chain:
The Ritz-Carlton cannot comment on pending litigation but can say the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company does not allow discriminatory actions by employees or guests.
"Management," you'll note, is not included among those not allowed to discriminate.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the reason we know about the incident beyond the suit is that managing director Edward Staros insisted the request be logged and accompanied it with a note stating that the family was "very, very prejudice[d]."

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