Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Curse of the undead

Via Unknown News (Thanks for the links to here, folks!) I learn that The Hill reports that
Vice President Joe Biden on Monday urged Democrats to overcome their differences and support their candidates at the polls by telling them to "stop whining."
And yes, "stop whining" was a quote, one he declined to walk back the next day. Because we have to "look at the alternatives" - you know, "Look! Over there! ZOMBIE REPUBLICANS ARE COMING! Be afraid - be very afraid!"

Besides, Biden whined, Obama has "kept his promises." Right. Except to people struggling to keep their homes from foreclosure, progressives, social justice activists, gays and lesbians, DADT opponents, unions, Latinos, open-government advocates, civil libertarians, gun-control advocates, pro-choice advocates, supporters of Social Security, supporters of universal health care - I'm sure I've missed some.

But still, in Biden's words, we just have to "buck up" and vote for Democrats because - well, because Look! Zombies!

Or, as Ring Lardner famously put it, "'Shut up,' he explained."

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