Sunday, September 05, 2010

Just wondering

This is something I've wondered for a while now and this, found via Notes from Underground, gives me an opening to bring it up:
Madera's Planned Parenthood clinic is closed Thursday[, September 2,] after someone firebombed it with a Molotov cocktail. ...

Burnt blinds on the grass and a boarded up window show the damage caused by a firebombing attack early Thursday morning.
The clinic, in Madera, California, was damaged but will re-open on Tuesday.

Okay. Here's the thing: In every case of an attack on an abortion clinic or Planned Parenthood site or a related physician or nurse or staff member where we know who did it, the guilty person was a white self-proclaimed Christian, almost invariably male, claiming to act in the name of their religion, i.e., in the name of God.

Consider the "Christian" part of that for a second. How do you think the mouth-breathers getting all hot and bothered by the Park51 project's "insensitivity" would react to a proposal to prevent a church or YMCA being built near an abortion clinic on the grounds that it is "insensitive" to the memory of, for example, Dr. George Tiller?

Yeah, that's what I think.

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