Saturday, October 23, 2010

Everything you need to know, The Continuing Story

Well, I had everything you need to know in two sentences, in one sentence, and even in one phrase. I can't beat that, but this certainly makes the cut for the category. It was prompted by the first part of what follows, drawn from an article a couple of months old but which I just came across:

I can get a tax deduction for a donation to various Zionist groups seeking to help radical settler Jews establish an imperialist, peace-destroying permanent presence on the West Bank though their illegal settlements built and maintained in violation of international law - but if I donate to the legal activities of a group like Hamas or indeed if I even talk to it about how it could abandon terrorism in favor of nonviolent appeals, I can get thrown in prison for 15 years as having "supported terrorism."

Footnote: Just to add a lighter note, I'm reminded of the story Pete Seeger has told to tell about some king who, being too lazy to actually study, directed his council of wise men to reduce all the world's wisdom to a single page. When they had done that, instead of reading it he directed them to cut it to a single paragraph. Later, to a single sentence. Later still, to a single word. Omitting the fleshed-out details and going straight to the punch line, the single word was "Maybe."

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