Thursday, December 02, 2010

Footnote to the preceding

I was just wondering about something.

Between November 28 and December 1, a string of right-wing outlets, including the Washington Times, the Daily Caller, FrontPage, Pajamas Media, NewsBusters, Investors Business Daily, the Media Research Center, PowerLine, and the Wall Street Journal (I stopped counting at that point) all slammed the New York Times on exactly the same basis: the paper was "hypocritical" for publishing the WikiLeaks document dump when it had not published all the emails purloined from the CRU the year before.

Is there some Central Command that sends out a daily email to these sorts of outfits telling them what to be outraged about and what to say about it? I mean, if not, how is it that they so rapidly focus on making the same point, often in exactly the same words?


Anonymous said...

Liberal blogs do the same thing. They quite often all focus on the same story, and not just big media stories, but obscure stuff. I think there is some dump they go to, if they are even unconnected from each other, after all.

LarryE said...

If you want me to accept that as a serious comment and not simply a troll general slam eligible for deletion, cite at least three examples of "liberal bogs" all focusing on the same "obscure stuff" at the same time.

Note that that means naming both the blogs and the story. "All" does have to mean literally every one of the thousands of left-of-center blogs out there, but note that I listed nine right-wing sources so your list has to be at least that long and they should be as prominent as those I listed.

"The same time" can be within a few days of each other, as were those I cited.

Oh, and one other thing: If it's to be "the same thing," all those blogs can't just be mentioning the same story, they have to be saying the same thing about it in at least similar if not identical language. No variation of opinion allowed.

You said it, now back it up.

And please find some ID other than Anonymous. It's always harder to take anonymous comments seriously.

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