Saturday, December 18, 2010

This is related to WikiLeaks

It is, really. The connection may not be obvious immediately, but I'm confident you'll see it before I explain it.
The Central Intelligence Agency’s top clandestine officer in Islamabad was pulled from the country on Thursday amid an escalating war of recriminations between American and Pakistani spies, with some American officials convinced that the officer’s cover was deliberately blown by Pakistan’s military intelligence agency. ...

American officials said that the C.I.A. station chief had received a number of death threats after he was named publicly in a legal complaint sent to Pakistani police this week by the family of victims of an earlier drone strike.
See the connection? Of course you do: Here we have a case where the name of a US agent was, quite possibly, deliberately leaked, a leak which - distinctly unlike anything of which WikiLeaks or Bradley Manning stand accused - did put that agent in immediate and verifiable danger, danger sufficient to force his removal from the country.

So hey, White House and assorted right-wing zombies, what are the consequences going to be for Pakistan for leaking information that endangered the life of Americans?

Bueller.... Bueller....

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