Monday, January 31, 2011

Everything you need to know in two sentences

In this case it's everything you need to know about US media. It comes from the valuable The opening quote is from Al-Jazeera:
"We go now to two reports from Cairo, but we won't show or name our reporters on the scene as they're violating restrictions imposed by the Egyptian government." Have you ever heard a line like that on CNN?
Preach it, friends.

I'm reminded of an incident from when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979. The official claim was "national defense" plus the assertion that the Afghan government had actually asked for the "assistance."

A short time later, a news anchor on Radio Moscow over the course of a day gradually referred to the action in tougher terms until finally using the term "invasion." He was not to be found on subsequent broadcasts.

In response, someone - I don't recall who - pointedly asked if anyone could recall a single time across the entire length of the Indochina War when a single network news person had on the air referred a single time to a US "invasion" of Vietnam or Laos or Cambodia. No one could.

It has gotten no better and in many ways worse in the years since.

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