Saturday, January 22, 2011

Totally pointlessly nonpolitical

Really. I mean it. It's completely non-political and isn't even one of my "science is cool" aka geek posts. This is something I hardly ever do - maybe a half-dozen times in the whole time I've been doing this - and I don't even know why I'm posting it other than I just damn well feel like it. Maybe 'cause we've been kinda semi-snowed in (defined as we could get out if we needed or just wanted to but health issues put constraints on how much snow and ice I'm prepared to move when I just don't hafta) and this was a nicer way to think about that. I dunno. It's just something I wanted to pass on.

I came across the video below by chance. It was posted on a Democracy for America discussion board by "Reed in VT," who identifies himself as "Heavy equipment operator for 33 years at highway dept." in Vermont and whose email wasn't listed so I can't even let him know I'm doing this. It is a 13-minute video of him plowing a tree-lined road in Vermont. That's it. Seriously. No tricks, no sudden exciting turn. Just 13 minutes and some seconds of going down a snowy Vermont road. At the end of it, you wonder why you spent that time watching it - but you're not sorry you did. So do.

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