Thursday, February 03, 2011

Everything you need to know in one sentence


Number one comes from Fox Business.
The Securities and Exchange Commission has named Goldman Sachs Asset Management Chief Investment Officer Eileen Rominger to head its division overseeing asset managers and hedge funds.
Number two is via Raw Story.
President Barack Obama announced Monday that he plans to nominate former Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) lawyer Donald B. Verrilli, Jr. as solicitor general, a position formerly held by Elena Kagan.
Verilli is not a complete waste; he's represented defendants in death penalty cases and signed an amicus curie brief that argued Jose Padilla could not be classified as an "enemy combatant." But still, isn't there somewhere other than the heart of corporate America where PHC* can find staff?

Yeah, I know.

Thanks go to Dan at Pruning Shears for both links.

*PHC = President Hopey-Changey


DaisyDeadhead said...

Whenever Obama does something predictable and especially craven, my spouse calls him "Barry" instead of Barack....

LarryE said...

The other day my wife got one of those forwarded email things from a friend. It was a letter to Obama written by some old guy with all the usual fantasies about him not liking the US, etc. etc. and blah blah. In the letter he several times addressed Obama as "son."

What makes this relevant is that I was surprised by my irritation at that. I mean, I certainly haven't been particularly respectful, not with having dubbed him President Hopey-Changey (PHC for short).

It took me a while to realize the difference: I was being (and will continue to be) disrespectful in a political sense, going after his practices and policies. I expect that's the same sense in which your spouse means "Barry." This guy was being extremely, even sneeringly, condescending; that is, disrespectful in a very personal sense, addressing Obama in a way that I strongly suspect he would never have thought of addressing George Bush (or any other conservative white guy) which likely explains my initial reaction that "I'm surprised he didn't say 'boy.'"

Maybe it's a version of "hate the sin and not the sinner," I dunno, but I've never been attracted to the really personal stuff: I never, for example, approved of fat jokes about Rush Limbaugh or "chimpy" cracks about Bush. (Although, full disclosure, I have a hard time not referring to Mitch McConnell as Fishface.)

All of which has little to do with your comment except in that it gave me an opening to say all that. For which I thank you. :-)

DaisyDeadhead said...

In his book, Obama says he dropped "Barry" when he became political in college, and became "Barack". So when he forgets his lefty politics, he morphs back into polite, get-along-with-everyone "Barry"... he really does, just watch him! :D

PHC is a good name too.

LarryE said...

I knew "Barry" had a political significance.

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