Friday, March 11, 2011

Yeah, yeah, I know

Okay, already. So the weekend turned into the week. BFD. Nobody reads this anyway. I just keep it up to let out my frustrations until I'm in a position to do something more constructive.

Let's just say it's been a hard week and leave it at that, okay?


JM said...

Don't worry, I'm flustered too- just got over a cold and I'm happy that spring break's next week.
By the way, I dunno if you stumbled across these opinion pieces, but:

I dunno what your personal feeling on electric cars is, but death by car's entry rather depressed me (though I'd leave Mr. Robert Downey Jr.'s voice over for the Nissan leaf out of it)

LarryE said...

Response over at your place. :-)

DPirate said...

It is just more gratifying to comment in disagreement.

DaisyDeadhead said...

HEY, I read you sporadically dude!

We are having a (((gasp))) real live demonstration in South Carolina tomorrow. I am in total shock. Anyway, hope to have some PROOF (photos) so drop by this weekend when I put em up. I think this might be the first demo in SC since the Orangeburg Massacre and well, you saw what happened THERE (okay, bad joke, but not really!)....

LarryE said...

DP -

I hear you. I tend to do the same, comment mostly to object or disagree. I suspect most of us do the same. I try to offer positive comments at least occasionally for just the reason, but, well, good intentions and all that....

Daisy -

I will be sure to come by. Thanks for the good word and the heads-up!

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