Monday, May 23, 2011

Everything you need to know in one headline

In this case, it's about US policy regarding Israel and the Palestinians:
Netanyahu 'Went In Worried, Came Out Encouraged' After White House Meeting, Official Says
There ya go.

And on a related point, what was all that crap about Obama making a reference to "1967 borders?" There was nothing new in what he said, not a phrase, not a word.

So then he goes out and gives a speech that says in essence "Hey, I only said what the US has been saying for how long? What the hey?" And all the Obamabots fall all over themselves in rapturous joy.

For one example, Josh Marshall called it "a proud day for Obama."

For another, at Firedoglake, David Dayen expressed how "happy" he was that
Obama could have taken the easy and familiar way out, and capitulated to those who dishonestly seized upon his words. He chose not to do so.
I'm sorry, but what?

We're supposed to be impressed that Obama bravely, heroically, stood by what has been the inadequate US policy for decades? (In fact, when the US started talking about "agreed swaps," that was a surrender because it legitimized Israeli settlements in the West Bank, which as recently as Bush I we were noting were illegal under international law.)

We're supposed to be grateful and happy, even surprised, because Obama didn't "capitulate" to "dishonesty?"

This is what passes for good news these days?

We are so screwed.

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