Thursday, July 28, 2011

Noted in passing again

As I expect you're aware, Bill O'Reilly, the man with the perfect initials, has been frothing about how it's so, so, really really evil and wrong and just so damn liberal media protecting Islamist terrorists and attacking Christianity for that media to be calling right-wing Christian terrorist Anders Breivik "a Christian" even though that's exactly how he described himself.

Others have effectively mocked BO's asininity, so I'll leave that aside, but on my own behalf, I feel moved to point out that while it's not a perfect example, this clearly does fall within the reach of Rule #12 of my list of rules for right-wingers to use in avoiding dealing with reality:
Rule #12: Whenever faced with the evil resulting from some other winger following or acting on your arguments, accuse those who point out that fact of "politicizing a tragedy." Never, never, never admit any responsibility for the meaning or impact of your own words.
Oh, and Rule #13 fits pretty well, too:
Rule #13: When all else has failed - and even when it hasn't - lie.
That one gets used a lot, I find.

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