Friday, December 09, 2011


There are some changes here.

What they are ain't exactly clear.

Well, pretty clear, anyway.

I've been focusing more on my cable TV show, as the lack of posts here surely has made apparent. But I definitely don't want to drop this. So this is what I'm going to do or at least which I intend to do, my limits on Blogger space permitting:

Each week, I'm going to embed the YouTube video of my show. It should be up by late Thursday. (If I start to run out of available space on Blogger for video, I may have to switch to it being a link to the YouTube site.) With that video will be a list of subjects covered in the video plus a list of links to the info used in putting the show together. I won't guarantee an exact 1:1 correlation between the video and the link list, as last-minute changes may result in some links not being used or something being included for which a link does not appear in the list - although I will try to correct for the latter.

During the days between, I intend to post on things that I wanted to mention on the show but didn't/couldn't because of time constraints or some other cause. Just be aware that for that reason, those post may not be the latest, hottest thing - but I hope they will at least be relevant.

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