Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Going "dark" tomorrow

As you likely know, a number of websites, in a campaign sparked by Reddit, are going dark on Wednesday as a protest against the reprehensible PIPA and SOPA.

The list includes some big names, such as Reddit, Mozilla, Wikipedia, Wordpress, MoveOn, Tucows, and BoingBoing as well as at least hundreds of smaller sites. Google will not go dark but says it will have a protest banner on its home page.

I think I've made it clear - at least I have on my cable show - what I think of these bills - but I'm not enough of a tech geek to know how to make this blog literally go dark for the day. Which is why the word "dark" is in quotes in the headline: The site will be up but there will be no posts on Wednesday.

I know that my not posting for a day is hardly unusual, which is why I'm posting this now: I want to make it clear that the lack of posts on January 18 is not just my usual slacking but a deliberate, conscious decision.

The pressure on Congress is building and there is now a fair amount of foot-shuffling and harrumphing about delaying the votes until after "more study" going on, even among the bills' supporters. But PIPA and SOPA don't need to be delayed, they need to be killed - and as of now, the Senate is still scheduled to vote on PIPA on January 24.

So keep it up. We can win this one.

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