Sunday, January 08, 2012

Passing thought #2: "Boat" joins "gate"

Politico recently reported that Newt Grinch is suffering from buyer’s remorse about Citizens United, which at the time he hailed as a great victory for free speech. Politico said that after seeing his Iowa poll number plummet in the face of weeks of what he claimed were false attacks,
Gingrich won’t stop talking about the injustices of unchecked spending — specifically the $3 million spent attacking him. He even coined a name for it, saying he got “Romney-boated” by his chief opponent’s “millionaire friends.”
Oh, so terrific: Now the right-wingers are going to adopt the term "fill-in-the-blank-boated" as shorthand for the experience of "being overwhelmed by a massive campaign of falsehoods?" Is Grinch now going to apologize to John Kerry?

Sorry for making you spit out your drink.

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