Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another change here

Because so much more of my time is going to the cable TV show than to regular blogging and knowing that people may not feel like watching an entire half-hour show when they might only be interested in part, I'm going to start posting more-or-less transcripts of each segment as separate posts.

By their very nature, then, those posts will not be the sort of hot-off-the-presses things that a lot of political blogs deal in, but I still think they might be worth reading. Each such post will be titled "Left Side of the Aisle #whatever - Part whatever" and the first line will be the same headline as in the video post. If that's not clear, don't worry, it will be when you look at the first post done that way.

The advantage is being able to look at just the parts in which you're interested. The disadvantage is that because of how this is being done - as "more-or-less transcripts" rather than as regular posts - there will be no links within the text. Rather, all the sources used will be in one group at the end.

Any regular posts will, of course, continue to include links.

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