Friday, November 02, 2012

Left Side of the Aisle #79 - Part 1

Good news: WI labor law rejected

After seizing control of the state government in Wisconsin in 2010, Gov. Scott Walkalloveryou and his right wing cronies in the legislature slammed through a number of good-for-the-rich-but-lousy-for-the-middle-class measures, including one that stripped most unionized public workers of almost all their rights to collective bargaining. That law sparked a furious reaction, including weeks of demonstrations and sit-ins at the state capitol, three GOPper state legislators being recalled, and the Democrats regaining control of the state Senate - and it nearly resulted in the recall of Gov. Walkalloveryou himself.

Well, in September, Dane County District Judge Juan Colas smacked down most parts of that law, ruling that it violates the rights to free speech, free association, and equal protection held by the affected workers.

The state asked him to stay his ruling while the state appealed - during which time, including all the appeals which could take years, of course, the state could act as if the law was in effect and pretty much rip up existing union contracts and refuse collective bargaining.

The good news is that on Monday, October 22, Colas refused to issue that stay. The law remains on the trash pile.

The state attorney general says he's going to ask the Court of Appeals for the stay. Logically, he shouldn't get it because of the clear harm to the interests of the unionized workers that such a stay would entail, while the harm to the state from the lack of a stay is purely hypothetical.

But since when did logic have anything to do with the law. So this may yet prove to be a temporary victory ans temporary good news - but at least for now, it is.


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