Friday, March 22, 2013

Left Side of the Aisle #100 - Part 10

And Another Thing #2: FCC proposes free nationwide wifi

We have another "And Another Thing-good news hybrid."

The Federal Communications Commission, the FCC, has advanced a proposal to create a super wifi network - a nationwide, public, wifi network. It would make free long-range wifi available in almost all urban areas and a lot of rural ones.

There is a downside: There would be no one, no corporation or government agency, managing the network it so it could get overwhelmed, especially in more populated areas, bringing connection speeds in those areas to a crawl - kind of like Route 3 on a summer Friday evening.

But if implemented, it not only would bring internet and wireless access to people who have trouble affording current costs, but for a lot of casual users, it could replace their corporate carrier service entirely - which is why of course the corporate giants of the wireless industry despise the idea and want the government to sell that portion of the spectrum to them instead of opening it to the public, the better for them to keep raking in the big bucks.

But thing of it: free, nationwide, public wifi. That's the kind of thing government should be doing.


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