Friday, June 21, 2013

Left Side of the Aisle #113 - Part 4

Feel-good news #1: Sebastien De La Cruz sings national anthem again in face of racist tweets

I've got two feel-good stories involving giving a stick in the eye of the bigots. I know you heard about the first one, how could you not have, but I wanted to mention it anyway.

Before Game 3 of the NBA finals in San Antonio between the Spurs and the Miami Heat, an 11-year-old mariachi singer named Sebastien De La Cruz performed the national anthem. That set of a flood of racist tweets, such as referring to him as a "beaner" and, worse, a wetback" who "just snuck in 4 hours ago" and who was singing "the Mexican hat dance" and demanding to know why this "Mexican kid" - who was born and has lived his whole life in San Antonio, by the way - was singing "our" anthem.

The response by the San Antonio Spurs? They had him come back and do it again before Game 4. Which he did to an ovation and loud cheers.

That was a class act, Spurs. Along with the fans and especially De La Cruz.

Like I said, I know you heard about it, but it deserved to get mentioned.


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